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Paint Protection Film

Scratches, debris, and droppings are a bane to any car owner. The lifesaver to this perennial concern? TPU Paint Protection Film (PPF) to keep your vehicle's finish looking new. Paint Protection Film is strong, transparent, and removable. It is also the toughest, most seamless, color-stable line of paint protectant available. It's able to completely cover any vehicle, including sharp curves and complex shapes. What’s more, this film is self-healing, which means minor scratches disappear on their own over time.

TPU Paint Protection Film (PPF) looks great on any car. It shines in the sun, and it stands out at night with an unmatched gloss. It even flows perfectly over wheel well flares and irregular surfaces such as bumpers, lights, mirrors, and even around door handles. And most importantly, you'll have protection from rock dings, bug splatter, and more--all while reducing your chances of costly repairs.

Paint Protection Film is a thin layer of polyurethane film that you apply over your existing factory paint. This clear, ultra-thin, durable coat of polyurethane comes in several thicknesses that apply directly to the paint on your car and is usually custom cut to fit your vehicle. This product helps protect your investment from acid rain, tree sap, bug splatter, scratches, and other harmful elements that will etch your paint over time.

TPU Paint Protection Film (PPF) installs in minutes; just clean, peel and press, leaving no glue-like residue. This protective film lasts for years, durable enough to last 5 years indoors and 3 years outdoor use. So best to keep your vehicle indoors (i.e., garage, shade). That's a major bonus when you factor in the cost of repainting or replacing your entire vehicle should your vehicle be exposed to the elements. This protective film can be removed from your vehicle at any time by peeling it off like a sticker. Try our TPU Paint Protection Film (PPF) today.

A sleek and lustrous brand new vehicle or an impeccable paint job needs maximum protection from any element that can mar its perfect look. Installing a paint protection film is the ultimate solution. The paint protection film is an essential transparent shield around your vehicle that will preserve its aesthetic appearance and will take the brunt of the abuse.

Paint Protection Film Composition

Paint protection film, also known as a clear bra, is imperceptible clothing for a vehicle that protects it from certain harsh elements that might destroy the paint underneath. The optical clarity of the film gives the vehicle a glossy appearance. Its extreme malleability enables it to stretch and conform to any edge and curve. This quality also makes the material invisible to the naked eye. It is made up of self-healable ultra-thin polyurethane with a heat-activated top coat and an acrylic adhesive.

This not only protects the paint beneath but also saves the vehicle from surface scratches, stone chips, UV exposure, hard water deposits, debris, tree sap, bird droppings, oxidation, and other harmful elements. It is multi-layered and has a glossy surface that is resistant to humidity, salt spray, water, and chemicals. A good PPF will have an Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) of at least 10MPa; the higher the UTS, the stronger the PPF.

Benefits Of Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is highly advantageous especially if you have purchased a brand new vehicle or had a fresh paint job done. Following are the benefits of installing a PPF.

Safeguarding The Paint

Auto paint protection is the first and foremost job of a paint protection film. It preserves the aesthetic appeal of the underlying paint.

Fresh and glossy paint makes a vehicle look luxurious but after some time you feel the need to wash the vehicle or wax it to return it to its previous glory and bring back the luster. A PPF reduces this frequent need. Being glossy it gives the vehicle an attractive sheen.

UV Protection

The paint protection film also bars the damaging rays of the sun protecting the exterior of your vehicle which can otherwise fade and become yellow due to UV rays and IR radiation.

Prevention From External Damage

  • The film is resistant to impact and corrosion, hence it bears the brunt of any flying rocks, debris, and dust that might cause scratches on the vehicle.
  • If comes with a self-healing top coat which means that minor scratches and damages on it may heal over time. Heat can be used to repair certain scratches and revert the film to its flawless state.
  • Another great quality of a PPF is that it is hydrophobic - water and wet mud just slides off it. Thus your vehicle will never look dirty.


The protection aspect of the film makes it cost-effective and you eventually save money as you do not have to go for costly repairs to your vehicle’s exterior. This way, it also helps retain a vehicle’s resale value.

Adds Gloss

 Its optical clarity gives a sleek, high-gloss, polished appearance to the vehicle making it stand out from the rest of the mundane crowd.

High Durability

PPF is durable and can easily last for five to seven years if properly taken care of. However, its self-healing properties may diminish over time due to wear and tear.

It is easy to remove once it has completed its lifetime. It does not leave adhesive residue behind and underneath, your vehicle comes out as brand new.

To get the maximum out of your paint protection film, it is highly imperative to pay attention to its proper maintenance. One of the great aspects of a PPF is that it does not get dirty easily so you do not have to worry about washing your vehicle often.

Let It Rest And Cure

Once you have installed the film, let it settle and cure. It may take 48 hours but it is better to wait more. If you live in an area that has consistent low temperature or high humidity, curing may take longer. While it is in the process of curing, avoid touching it. If you see bubbles during that period, do not fret. They will go away on their own once the film has cured.  

Another precaution to take during the curing period is not to let the vehicle come in contact with water. Washing it is prohibited. In fact, if you can, do not even use the vehicle on which the film is installed, though this may not be possible for many.

Spot Cleaning

Once the paint protection film has cured, make sure you keep it free from dust. Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the vehicle so that no dust rests on it for a long time. Bird droppings, dead insects and tree sap are some contaminants that cannot be avoided. It is better to spot clean them there and then with 99% isopropyl alcohol or lacquer thinner. Fuel spill should be avoided as well and should be immediately cleaned if it occurs.  

Washing Instructions

After installation and curing of the paint protection film, forget commercial wash or pressure wash for your vehicle. Do not use abrasive materials on your film. Avoid using brushes, terry cloth and paper products. Gentle hand washing with a microfiber mitt is the way to go taking special care of the edges and grooves. Before starting to wash, make sure your vehicle is clean and does not have any dust settled on it. For washing, invest in high-quality cleaning products that are specially designed for such films. Shampoos with lubrication added can be used. Once you have washed your vehicle, do not let it dry naturally. Use a microfiber towel to dry your vehicle.


In conclusion, a good quality paint protection film is a must-have for those who want premium protection of their vehicle’s exterior. It is a very good investment that will add years to the life of your vehicle giving it an attractive, eye-catching luxurious appearance.