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5 products

Headlight Tint Film

No more glare and no more drainage in your eyes. The headlight tint film is a simple way to improve your visibility while reducing eye exposure to harmful UV rays.

Headlight Tint Film reduces heat and glare, darkens the headlamps to improve night-time vision, and ensures a clear view before you hit the road. Our film is made up of the highest quality materials and a custom-molded pooling film that protects your lenses while providing maximum light penetration, our Headlight Tint film is just what it should be - OE Quality.

Headlight tint film is a great way to protect your headlights from the elements, while also adding some style to your vehicle. Tinting blocks up to 99% of UV rays, which can damage your headlights over time. The film adheres perfectly to the contours of your headlights. It's available in a variety of colors and sizes to complement your car's exterior design. Cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs can all be fitted with this device.

Types Of Headlight Tint Film

There are two types of headlight tint: flat and patterned. Flat headlight tint is more common because it offers better coverage than patterned headlight tint. Patterned headlight tints can only be applied on one side of the headlamp flat tints can be applied on both sides. Installation and removal do not require any special tools either! In addition, Headlight Tint Film does not affect the performance of your headlights at all!

Tinted headlight films work in two different ways: They block light from hitting the road and reflect that light back into the driver's eyes. This makes it easier for drivers to see, particularly at night and in low-lighting conditions.

Benefits of Headlight Tint Film

The film can be applied to both headlights and taillights, which makes it a very versatile product.

The benefits of using headlight tint film include:

Increased visibility at night - Headlight tint film provides a more noticeable contrast between the light source and the background. This makes it easier for drivers to see their surroundings when driving in low-light conditions.

Improved fuel economy - Headlight tint film reduces glare by filtering out some of the light from the headlights or taillights. This results in less energy being used by your car's engine, which can mean better gas mileage overall.

Cooler interior temperatures - Since there are no lights on top of your vehicle that are producing heat, you can expect to see lower interior temperatures with headlight tint film installed compared to when you don't have any installed at all.

Reduced risk of accidents - When there's more contrast between the road and the car's bodywork, drivers have better visibility and are less likely to have an accident involving their vehicle because they can see more clearly what is around them.

Fresher air - Headlight tint film improves airflow by reducing the amount of glare on your windshield and keeping the inside of your car cooler in hot weather.

Washing Instructions

Please wash your new tint film in warm water with mild detergent. Do not use any type of bleach or softener, as they may cause the tint to bubble up while drying and create a haze on your windows. Also, do not use a towel to dry the surface of the film or wipe it with your hand. The heat from your hand will cause the film to dry unevenly and possibly damage it.